Penguin Art

Our new book!


Let us guide you through the MoPA (Museum of Penguin Art), where no human being has ever been before.
Are you ready for the most exciting visit of your lives?

Unbeknownst to man, the penguin has been a central figure in every artistic expression for centuries.

And who could be better than Gus & Waldo to guide us through this uncharted territory?

Gathered for the first time in a single volume: the secret masterpieces of world art!

Find out what Raphael, Van Gogh and Monet were up to when, at night, behind closed doors, they were giving in to their deepest passions...

The book is an Italian edition, but with barely no text, you will just enjoy admiring the amazing pictures!

Buy the book Go to the gallery to see a few images


To celebrate the launch of our new book, we launched a photgraphic competition. here are the winners:

First prize, ex-equo:

Flavio from Rome - for managing to stick a copy of the book on one of the gigantic Eur statues without getting arrested!

Alessia from Mestre - for the creativity and ability to recreate a Calder mobile for a super-meta-linguistic photo on the background of a real Calder sculpture.

Third prize:

Tania from Ravenna - for a simple but creative and personal photo.

Congrats to all three! They've won a free print from the book and a T-shirt. Watch out for more competitions coming soon. If you don't want to miss them, become a penguinaholic!

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